About Dr. Heather Fay

Heather Fay, M.D. | Integrated Healing Approach | image from http://www.drpulos.com Dr. Heather Fay, M.D. works with clients who are interested in looking at the mind/body/spirit connection, whether relating to emotional issues or a physical condition. Her 'tool box' includes conventional western medicine, clinical hypnosis, energy psychology and medical acupuncture. She encourages people to take personal responsibility for their health on all levels and helps them achieve their potential by identifying and clearing sub-conscious resistances and 'baggage' and helping them free themselves to move forward to their best possible health and wellness.

Career Experience and Qualifications
    1973 - Graduated in Medicine, Aberdeen, Scotland. Class prize in Pediatrics.
    1973-5 - Intern, resident, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Aberdeen.
    1975 - Diploma of Child Health, United Kingdom.
    1975-6 - Family Practice, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    1977-8 - Family Practice, Prince George, BC Canada.
    1978 - L.M.C.C Canadian licence exam, F.L.E.X. American licence exam.
    1978 - Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
    1978-86 - Medical officer at Pearson Hospital for young disabled people.
    1978-97 - Full service family practice, Vancouver, BC.
    1978-07 - Practicing clinical hypnosis with certification, energy psychology, integrative medicine
    2006 - Graduated in medical acupuncture, University of Alberta.
    2006 - Post-graduate training, medical acupuncture, Beijing, China.

Career Activities
    Workshop and seminar presenter, subjects including integrative medicine, pain management, energy psychology, clinical hypnosis.
    Interviewed for Discovery Channel, 'Can the Mind Heal the Body?'
    Guest speaker at cancer support groups, personal experience with cancer.
    Member of the Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC.
    Member of Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.
    Member of Advisory Committee, Langara College Holistic Health Studies.
    Member of Executive of Clinical Hypnosis Society, BC Division.

    Married for 27 years for Patrick Fay, MD Family Medicine, addiction medicine specialist.
    High School House Captain. Queen's Guide.
    British Universities ladies ski champion, 1968.
    Sailed 29-ft sailboat across the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific, 1976-77.

Reading +

Peace, Love and Healing (Bernie Siegel, M.D.)

Molecules of Emotion (Candace Pert, Ph.D.)

Bridging Science and Spirit (Norman Friedman)

Quantum Healing (Deepak Chopra, M.D.)

The Wisdom of Forgiveness (Dalai lama and Victor Chan)

CD set, "Biology of Empowerment" (Lee Pulos, Ph.D.)

Video and workbook, "Healing Journey" (Alastair Cunningham, Ph.D.)